Safety Services

Notwithstanding the costly fines associated with non-compliance of safety services regulations and increased insurance premiums, we believe that your people are your greatest asset.

At Commercial Risk Services we believe that “Safety services is the Key to Prosperity” and we perform with quantifiable results.

It is important to realize that a safe working environment, productivity and profitability are all very interrelated. This interrelationship is not only in terms of loss control, but also in regard to things like employee retention, employee attitude and even the way your customers view your business. With safety services, our focus is your key to loss control.

  • Employee Safety Training (Including OSHA Compliance)

  • Written Safety Program Evaluation/Development

  • Industrial Hygiene Testing

  • Environmental Management Assistance

  • Facility & Campus Safety Audits

  • Behavioral Safety

  • Interaction/Liaison with Regulatory Agencies, TPA & Insurance Carriers

  • Ergonomics

  • Accident Investigation and Reporting

Your approach to loss prevention is refreshing and dynamic. You are a master craftsman and so readily identify with the challenges a diversified organization faces; I’m confident when I tell you that the 275 employees in my security, warehouse, and custodial departments
have so thoroughly benefited from your partnership. Our loss numbers continue to improve and our safety awareness is truly at an all-time high. I am heartened at our future!
— J. Pat Lamb Director, School Safety and Operations - Irving Independent School District