Our Specialties

At Commercial Risk Services, we are committed to keeping your profits where they belong – “On the Bottom Line”

Risk Management is the practice of protecting an organization from financial harm by identifying, analyzing and controlling risk at the lowest possible cost.

  • OSHA Compliance and Safety Training

  • Insurance Cost Containment

  • Industry Specific Safety

    • Risk Identification

    • Risk Forecasting

    • Risk Financing

    • Loss Analysis

    • Loss Forecasting

  • Risk Administration

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

In the short tenure of now almost two years, the work of your company has not only reduced associated workers compensation cost by over a million dollars but the work in safety and overall risk management has begun to build the safety culture we very much needed. Your work in educating our district leadership in the invaluable importance of mitigating workplace risk and how their awareness could, in fact, save the district thousands has been a key to our overall success. In addition, your approach to inform the district through the eyes of a “Total Cost of Risk” model has made risk management/awareness strategies understandable to school board members and cabinet-level leadership.
— Kenneth W. Calhoun - Executive Director Talent Management